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PureVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018

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New features of October of 2018: In order to accede to the promotion it enters to the official Web of PureVPN. Beam click and discovers the benefits of the month of May here.


PureVPN is made up as a company supplier of virtual private networks. The beginning of the company was in November of year 2006 when the idea on the basis of a personal experiment was born. He was then when in the 2007 VPN to the market was sent, having initially only 2 servants, increasing to 16 localities until the 2008.

For year 2010 the unloading VPN software for Windows and Mac had already seted out, in addition the number of servants and countries available was growing. Soon between 2011 and 2012 the launching of compatibility with movable devices under the operating systems seted out iOS and Android.


Between years 2013 and 2014 tools of fire-guard NAT began to be applied to improvements in the network adding, SmartDNS and the switches of Internet for when it is affected the connection the network. Becoming one of best the VPN of the moment.

PureVPN Analysis

The company was created with the primary objective to maintain the privacy in line and to maintain so much the anonymity as the security of the users. The aspects of greater relevance are:


At present, Purevpn VPN has more than 500 servants lodged in around 141 countries, becoming one of the VPN services with greater presence to world-wide level.

Exclusive lodging and Yield

Many of the problems of the speed of VPN are that many suppliers use shared servants, which limits the speed level, not being the case of Puree that counts on its own infrastructure.

All the service and the applications have engineering optimized for the broadband connections that work perfectly, using the last technology and granting the speeds faster than they can be in the market.


It is a key aspect for the security level that each client looks for, since the protocols are the used ones encriptar the information. The protocols available in VPN Puree are:

  • OpenVPN.
  • L2TP/IPSec.
  • PPTP.
  • SSTP.
  • IKEv2.

Why To use VPN Puree?

A virtual private network can be used for different objectives, the most common uses that they stand out within the portal of VPN Puree are:

To maintain the Security in line

  • To assure the connection by means of the encryption with a coding up to 256 bits, being protected all the information of your devices in your home or any other part.
  • To connect itself safely to the WiFi points that are public, since they are vulnerable and anyone could accede to your information and movements in line.
  • With the level of coding and the protocols of security, you can be protected of the information dredges that are near your connection.
  • In addition it is possible to be used as protection for the services of e-mail and chats, hiding all type of tracking and will not allow any type of access that you do not have authorized.

Privacy and Anonymity

  • With the use of Internet through you can hide your real direction IP, in addition to the location. A safe tunnel is generated by means of which no company or individual will be able to track your real information.
  • The ISP is in charge to inspect the data which includes the URL of the sites that visits. Using the network VPN, your privacy will not be harmed and you will pass through them inspection ISP without your data are taken.
  • All the financial and personal information will not be harmed and it could not be obtained by any type of person nor tools, through coding AES 256.
  • Marketing entails a practice in which they offer to announcements based on the location in which you are. Using VPN Puree, your privacy will not be violated and your data will not be accessible.

Navigation without Limits

It has happened to You at some time that you cannot accede to a site because it is restricted? The barriers are many with which we ran into in navigation by Internet and to use a virtual private network usually is the most accessible and simple solution, being able:

  • To accede to sites blocked by geographic locations, using the servants who simulate that these in the country which you chose. The services are for example Netflix, to iPlayer, BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION, Hulu, etc. In addition are allowed to pass the censorships that have some countries for example the access to the social networks.
  • To accede to VoIP services, the countries as for example PureVPN Mexico, Panama, Brazil, China, etc. are many. Those that block them access to VoIP. Of this form, using VPN you can unblock and base this type of communications.
  • Fast Streaming: through the network VPN de combined with hardware DNS all the applications and platforms are optimized to as much obtain speeds and traffic without limit from your home as if you are circulating in the public thoroughfare. characteristics: Service of Network VPN

Within main the characteristics of the offered service, we can mention some of the main aspects that do of this highly superador type of VPN services. In first measurement, we can say that a policy of “Zero is included log?, this means that any personal navigation nor data type does not keep from the users to maintain the privacy to the maximum.

If you want to connect itself with different devices from a same account, you can do it, includes the possibility of 5 simultaneous connections from computers, portable, Tablets or cell phones.

The data transfer is limitless like the bandwidth as much for navigation as for the ascent and unloading of archives.

With respect to the technical support, this one works the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week and can make contact by means of e-mail, telephone call or with the chat in real time from the webpage. It is possible to clarify that the version of Spanish PureVPN is not available; the supported languages are English, French and the Turkish.

purevpn compatibility


There are two types of applications to unload the software of, being different itself it enters the one desktop that is for the compatible computers with Mac and Windows; on the other hand they are the compatible movable applications with Android and iOS. It is possible to clarify that both modalities can unload from any country of the world, the installation is simple and they do not require of any type of configuration.

Prices of PureVPN

Finally, having analyzed the most important aspects of the service, we can continue towards the value of the same. You will be able to find three types of membrecías with the same services, and the only difference that is in the dwell time:

  • Monthly Membrecía: 11 dollars per month.
  • Semester Membrecía: 9 dollars monthly.
  • Annual Membrecía: She is economic, it contains a PureVPN discount and it has a monthly cost of 2.95 dollars per month.

In addition to the discounts granted by the permanence with the service, reductions can be obtained using a PureVPN coupon, at the time of the purchase you must enter the present code in this coupon and cash becomes the discount.

The means of payment available are: Payoal, MoneyBookers (Alipay, Skrill), Mpay, PaymentWall (market payment, CashU, Webmoney, ideal, etc.), Payza, Bitcoin, etc.

PureVPN Opinions: What Say the Clients?

purevpn opinions

If you read the complete analysis, and this small section with the advantages and commentaries of the clients, opinion can be arrived at a conclusion and PureVPN, establishing the level of satisfaction with the service and the level in which he is able to satisfy your needs.

With respect to the main advantages, we can position:

  • Applications free.
  • 5 simultaneous connections.
  • More than 500 servants in 141 countries, with more than 80,000 directions of IP.
  • Variety in protocols (PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP.
  • Limitless data transfer.
  • Protection of DNS.
  • Protection before the disconnection of the network.
  • Guarantee of 7 days with which you can ask for a reimbursement if you are not satisfied with the obtained results.


Some of the commentaries of the clients are:

Fabulous speed, ground to connect me to a few servants because I look for to accede to specific sites, rotating between PureVPN Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and some more. I never had no problem. Highly recommendable.
Yvonne Patterson
I have used several services of VPN payments and of which I tried, PureVPN has been the best one. The service is exceptional, the low prices and the very kind support. Thanks.
TJ Elm
As much the desktop applications as the mobiles are easy to use and the support of 24 hours is very useful. Create to me, very recommendable.
They have the best service of attention to the client. They have been in charge to solve the disadvantages of my SmartDNS. Extremely I am satisfied with the service. I recommend it.


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PureVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: PureVPN is one of best VPN, with low prices and access to 5 simultaneous connections in 500 servants with 80,000 directions IP. Recommended.


Excellent Purchase

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