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ExpressVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018

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Express VPN, without a doubt is one of the best companies of VPN services that can be found in the market. It is considered as one of the most powerful suppliers in relation to the encryption and concealment of directions IP. This has demonstrated since it has approved the Great test of Fire-guards Chinese, one of the most demanding tests and than the majority of the suppliers they do not surpass. has to servants in than 100 cities more pertaining to 78 countries of all the continents (between which are Express VPN Spain, Argentina, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and many more), available with limitless speed. When you enter the main platform of Express you will see that you find the main uses that occur to the services:


  • To look at any video from any place of the world, without restrictions and with a great speed.
  • Deprived navigation, because to hide your direction IP during all the navigation, in addition to encriptar your data and maintaining them safe.
  • To jump blockades: From Express VPN network you can enter and use any site without concerning the geographic restrictions or the censorship that it has.

Analysis of the Service of ExpressVPN


All the network of ExpressVPN has a encryption 256 bits with technology SSL. As far as the information of traffic and activity of the user, any data in the servants is not stored. On the other hand, what one keeps is the information on real direction IP of the client and the servants who have been used. As we know, Express VPN virtual, is an American supplier and must fulfill the anticipated laws to be able to work. Of such form, with a warrant of by means, it is forced to present the collected data.
The protocols that are used in Express are OPENVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IP seg and PPTP. According to the security level that you wish you can choose most advisable. OpenVPN with UDP is the standard and has a encryption among 128 and 156 bit.


As we mentioned previously the speed available for each client is limitless since VPN Express does not put any type of restriction. It is possible to clarify that the speed obtained in navigation will vary according to different parameters as for example the own supplier from Internet or real the physical distance between the client and the chosen servant. In when to the unloadings, it is possible to be said that they also are limitless and the supplier supports P2P.

Service of attention to the client and technical support

Not only the technical service is of excellence, really the technical support and attention to the client of Express is optimal. You can communicate with them the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week. There are different forms to make contact:

  • Chat in real time: The answer occurs at the moment, and you can realise any type of question or suggestion.
  • E-mail to the direction indicated in the Web.
  • Through a telephone consultation. It is possible to clarify that by this means you must leave a message with an email address so that they send the answer to you of your consultation.

Express VPN characteristics: Packages Available

expess vpn

In this sector, you will be able to find all the packages available within the supply of Express VPN Prevailed, can choose that one that is more advisable to you as far as needs and budget.

  • 1 Month: 12.95 dollars per month.
  • 6 Months: 9.99 dollars monthly.
  • 12 Months: 8.32 dollars per month.

As you can see, if beams a comparative one, Express VPN price is one of most competitive of the market. In order to realise the payment of the package that you have chosen, you can use Paypal or Tarjeta of credit (Discover, Visa, American Express and Mastercard).

Frequent questions

This section is dedicated to collect the main doubts that arise with the aim of offering a clear vision on the service of ExpressVPN.

Which are the compatible Operating systems?

You can use Express vpn with Windows, Max, iOS, Linux and Android, as much in movable devices as cellular and tablets or computers.

Why use Express a VPN coupon?

The Express coupons are used to secure to a VPN discount and to validate it. You must enter the code and only you will see how the reduction becomes effective.

How to use Expressvpn?

The steps to follow to obtain one membrecía and to use the virtual private network are very simple:

  1. To enter to the Web of Expressvpn and to buy one membrecía.
  2. To follow the instructions that are sent to you by mail to use the account.
  3. To choose a servant to sail.
  4. To begin to use all the sites that you wish.

There is guarantee?

expessvpn guarantee

By all means, the service tells on a guarantee of 30 days, which means that you are a day old to prove VPN, in case you are not in agreement with the service you can request a complete reimbursement by the realised payment.

Exist does Servant of Express VPN Mexico?

If, if you wish it you can connect itself to the servant of Express Mexico, and have in addition 100 servants to choose.

Available is Express VPN Spanish?

Pleasingly, it is possible to be said that when you enter to the Web of Express you can choose the language between 17 options, or Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, etc.

Express VPN Opinions: Advantages and Commentaries

If I must express Express a VPN opinion, I can say that it is recommendable and completely safe a supplier of VPN. Within the main advantages to use it, they are:

  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • Changes of servants without limits.
  • Limitless speed.
  • Guarantee of 30 days.
  • Functionality of 99%.
  • Compatible fast and simple Software with all the devices with Windows, Android, Mac, Linux and iOS.
  • Different protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP.
  • Safe encryption.
  • Anonymous navigation without information storage.
  • Two simultaneous connections: Movable computer and device.
  • Attention to the client and has supported the 24 hours of the day.


Now you can see some of the commentaries that leave the clients of ExpressVPN:

Towards time that came proving different private networks, but when I found Express VPN I decided to remain with her. The service is very powerful and the prices are brilliant. Navigation is safe, use the service constantly for year and a half, never a disadvantage.
Gabriel Fris
Memory that when I bought membrecía, had many doubts of how using it and the equipment of support I guide myself in each step. Very I am thankful, I recommend it to all friendly.
Esther Conte
For a long time I have been using Express VPN and I have never had no problem, the service is excellent, I do not have complaints, only praises. There are many servants to choose, the prices are low, the limitless bandwidth, the very good speed, etc. I recommend.
Shia Guos
Simply fantastic, the speed is the best one than I have found until the moment and the prices are very low. I can sail safely, and the best thing to skip all the restrictions.
Kale Noa


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ExpressVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: The Best Option of VPN!


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