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Hide My Ass – Opinions and Discount for the 2018

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New features of October of 2018: In order to accede to the promotion it enters to the official Web of Hide My Ass. Beam click and discovers the benefits of the month of May here.


Hide My Ass is a company of VPN services that I believe myself in the 2005 low one as an option within the supply of the Privax company. It allows all users to sail in and safely anonymous Internet. In the ample supply of his services, it includes Web proxy, service of ascent, anonymous e-mail and much more.

Account with around 890 servants distributed in 340 cities that compose to 190 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Hide my ass Spain, Cuba, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc. From all servants, extends an ample network of approximately 121,060 directions of IP.


Analysis Hide My Ass VPN

The things are many that you can do using a network VPN as Hidemyass, the three more popular alternatives are:

To accede to sites of any country

VPN helps you to jump all the geographic restrictions, being able to accede to any page as if you would be in that same place, as Netflix or any video of YouTube. In addition you can pass the censorships of governments, labor networks, etc. Being able to enter to any social network, private page and others.

Security before Hackers

One of the preoccupations of the internauts is the security against the hackers, that can rob important data, for that you will use the network as security means, with a encryption of all the information.

Anonymous navigation

Using VPN HideMyAss you can sail of completely anonymous form, hiding to all pesonales data and even your direction IP, since you connect yourself through the data of the chosen servant.

How Work does Hide My

He is very simple, in the first place when using a VPN you use a direction IP impossible to relate to your person. When you select a servant, when acceding to a website, the computer sends direction to him IP of the servant, the information of the site arrives at this last one and is redirigido to your device. Of this form you can accede to the Web as if outside a local network but your you are in any place of the world, without mattering where.

Technical support

You can communicate with the support by mail or enter a request so that it is responded of fast form.

Characteristics VPN HideMyAss: Prices and Services

With Hide My Hass you will contract a single membrecía for all the services and devices, pudiento to use the service from a computer, mobile phones, tablets, consoles, televisions and much more. In addition it is good for clarifying that it counts on a guarantee of 30 days, with which you can ask for a reimbursement of the total of the money if you are not in agreement with the service or by any other reason.

The values are located:

  • Monthly Membrecía: 9.99 dollars.
  • Semester Membrecía: 6.99 dollars per month.
  • Annual Membrecía: 4.99 dollars per month.

As Using HideMyAss: Options of Software

In order to be able to use Hide My Ass desbes to unload VPN software. One is of the most falsified and flowed than of they find in the market, contains different options as the auto logon after some individual minutes, servants, OpenVPN protocols, PPTP and much more.

At the moment in which you initiate the program, you will be able to see that the interface is very simple to use, including the space to place all the data of the connection (times, information storage, servants available, etc).

In the sector of the left you will find all the data of your account HMA, including packages, invoices, country, direction IP, etc.

As far as the countries, you have the option to connect to one or to only select different servants to you from different countries to have diverse access. The same happens to the directions IP, where you have allowed to make atomáticos changes of directions, in the time interval that you need.

Uniting Programs

One of the options that you will have in HideMyAss is to unite programs to a network VPN, of this form, if for whatever reason, the network is interrupted, these programs pause together. This allows that your real data do not appear at any moment and the security is increased considerably of navigation.


One of the main praised characteristics of is that it works with a great speed, in any case, you can use the SpeedGuide tool with which testeas at any moment the speed of conección and the latency, as much stops of one as of several servants in simultaneous.

HideMyAss Companies

One of the alternatives at the time of contracting this VPN is to make it a company or to obtain several accounts. This brings different benefits together as for example:

  • Exclusive discounts as far as prices from the hiring of 5 accounts.
  • High-priority personal support.
  • Representative of account.
  • To make a masterful account that handles the existing set.

Frequent questions

If it has been you a doubt, you can read the main questions that become on Hide My Ass:

Exist does Hide My Spanish Ass?

The technical support is in English, nevertheless the Web you can visualize it in different languages, including Spanish, French, portuguez, Italian, etc.

How use a Hide My Ass Coupon?

In order to obtain a Hide My Ass discount, you only must have a coupon, in there is a code that you must enter at the time of realising the payment and will see made the reduction.

There are servants of Hide My Ass Mexico?

If, altogether they are 890 servants, of who two belong to Mexico and have 379 directions IP of the country.

I can use HMA from movable devices?

Of course, there is compatibility with iPhone and Android. And there is no extra position, with membrecía you can accede from any type of equipment.

There is guarantee?

Yes, you have a guarantee of conformodidad of 30 days with which you can request a complete reimbursement in that lapse.

Which are the payment means?

In order to contract a package of Hide My Ass you can pay with: Qiwi, cards of credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal or Bitcoin.

Hide My Ass Opinions: Advantages and Commentaries

In order to be able to establish a Hide My Ass definitive opinion it is important that you see its main advantages and the opinions of its clients who already have proven the service. From our place, having analisado both factors we can say that it is a VPN extremely recommendable.


  • Software functional and simple to use.
  • Changes of servants without limits.
  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • Variety of 890 servants.
  • Ample speed.
  • Technical support.
  • Guarantee of 30 days.


Commentaries of the Clients

We use with my family Hide My Ass at home to sail safe and to jump the censorship, also when we went out on vacation by the geographic restrictions. Thanks. Recomedable.
Cecilia Corax
Luckily a VPN in Spanish, everything has been of wonders, I have membrecía monthly and I have already renewed 3 times, planning to contract the monthly one to take advantage of the discount.
Esteban Serio
All fantastic, use this VPN to see films in Netflix, without problems, low prices and excellent attention to the client.
Carla Conte
I am of Germany and we used Hide My Ass in the office to maintain to us safe. At the moment we did not have any problem. We can choose direction IP that we want and we can use supplies in services of any country.
Roberto Martinez


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Hide My Ass – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: With the network VPN de Hide My Ass you will accede to 890 servants in 190 countries and 121,060 directions IP. Beam of Internet your place. VPN Recommended


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