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IPVanish – Opinions and Discount for the 2018

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One of the main reasons by that they are realised these analysis for the different services of VPN is so that the users who look for a safe navigation and frees, can make the best decision. In this case we arrived at IPVanish, considered one of the most important companies of the market and next we will see all the aspects related to this one and served.

IP Vanish is a company of American origin and offers its VPN networks anywhere in the world, has more than 325 servants in 65 countries, having a total of more than 25,000 directions IP. We must recognize that their services are very praised by the excellent speed of the connections and the ample degree of security that use.


IPVanish Analysis

In addition to knowledge that the strong service of the company is the virtual private network, it is necessary to analyze the attached services to establish weak strength and of the same:

Technical service

In truth it is necessary to say that the equipment of technical support is not only warm but very fast, are able to solve each question or disadvantage in instantaneous form, works during the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week and it is possible to be contacted by means of telephone call, form of contact of the Web and e-mail.

Compatibility of IP Vanish VPN

As far as the computers, absolute compatibility with the operating systems is had Windows and MAC. Those users who have Linux, can use the service of IP Vanish VPN in the same way.

On the other hand, the company has an application for mobile phones, and can use it those that own compatibility with protocols OpenVPN or PPTP, also includes this for tablets, with Android, iPhones, iPads, etc.

Protocols of Encryption

If you decide to use IPVanish, you have three types of protocols for the encryption of the information:

  • OpernVPN with OpenSSL library (AES, Blowfish, RC5, 3DES).
  • PPTP with MPPE.
  • L2TP with RFC (3DES or AES).

Policy of Security

In the Web of IP any type from personal information of the users of the service does not keep. It is established that exists a user who is anonymous but he does not know himself who is, his real IP, navigation, nor no other data.

Characteristics IP Vanish: Packages of VPN and Servicios

In order to be able to use a network VPN of IP Vanish, you must contract one of his subscriptions, it is possible to be selected between three different ones that they contain the same characteristics and the only difference that it has is the price and time interval of the same:

  • Monthly plan: 10 dollars per month.
  • Quarterly plan: 8,99 dollars per month. Total 26,99 dollars by the three months.
  • Annual plan: The total value is of 77,99 dollars, which means a monthly value of 6,49 dollars.

At the moment, there is option no to contract a gratuitous package, nevertheless you have a guarantee of 7 days, reason why if you are not in agreement with the service, you can ask for a total reimbursement.

Speed of Connection

Without a doubt, as we initially mentioned one of the praised characteristics more of the company it is that it has a great speed, navigation, unloads and raised of archives they are very fast.

Uses of the Service

The uses more popular than occur to the network VPN de IPVanish is:

  • To accede to all type of censured pages or with geographic restrictions, including Netflix, sites of the news, sports, Hulu and much more.
  • To remain in complete anonymity with fictitious directions IP.
  • To maintain the security during navigation in public WiFi networks.
  • To sail safely eliminating the vulnerability against the hackers.

How to contract IPVanish VPN?

To begin to use IP is very simple, you must enter to the Web, only choose the package that you wish, to complete the personal data to open the account and to realise the payment of membrecía.

Once you have completed the registry you must unload VPN software for your device and in the Web you must choose why operating system you want to form it. Fact this, you only have left to begin to sail and safely anonymous.

Forms of payment

Within IPVanish it is allowed to realise payments with Paypal, credit card or Bitcoin. In the case of the data of the credit card, the data are stored to facilitate the payment when renewing membrecía, in the case of Paypal, you can hide all the information of the payment.

Frequent questions on VPN IPVanish

It is Spanish IPVanish?

The company is American and the language that handles is the English, reason why it is not in Spanish, in the same way the technical support only takes care of in English.

There is servant of IP Vanish Mexico?

If there are two servants in Mexico, altogether they are 325 servants in 45 countries, including IP Vanish Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, Argentina, Australia and many more.

When it takes care of the technical support?

The technical support takes care of during the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week.

I can have an IP Vanish discount?

Of course, you can enter to the Web and look for coupons, for example today invoicing cycles of another one of 30% of discount for any chosen package appear one of 25% of discount for three and. Also you can cross the pages of discount in search of an IP Vanish coupon, you enter the code at the time of realising the payment and only will see made the reduction.

There is guarantee?

If, when contracting one membrecía grants a guarantee to you of 7 days with which you can ask for a complete reimbursement.

I can use IPVanish in movable devices?

If, so much in computers as in cellular can be used and tablets.

IP Vanish Opinions: Advantages and Commentaries

Concluding the analysis, we can establish the main advantages to use the service of VPN of IP Vanish:

  • Account with the safer Private network and greater speed of Europe and North America.
  • It does not maintain dependency with any service of third parties, since it counts on infrastructure and own software.
  • The connection with the servants is completely limitless.
  • Two simultaneous connections can be realised.
  • There are available 325 servants with more than 25,000 directions IP.
  • Account with a satisfaction guarantee.

Now that already is complete the analysis can be said that from my IP Vanish opinion, it is an extremely recommendable service of VPN, with excellent speed and security, with which you will be able to sail anonymously, to be connected to your local area network, to jump geographic restrictions much more and.


IPVanish opinions of its clients:

Very I am satisfied with the service of IP Vanish, had contracted membrecía monthly and I am going it to renew by the annual one since I do not want to change of VPN. I can use Netflix of the USA. Recommendable to the 100%.
Esteban John
He is brilliant, it responds of fast form and the connection to the servant is immediate. Thank you very much.
Cinthia Eleonora
I chose IP Vanish by the amount of servants whom it has and the speed.
Silvina Coria
I knew IPVanish a time ago, recommended it to me by the excellent speed that it has. I recommend
Carlos Parilo


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IPVanish – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: With IPVanish you will be able to sail anonymous, surely and jumping restrictions and censorships. It has 325 servants with more than 25,000 directions IP. VPN service Recommended.


Excellent Purchase

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