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ProXPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018


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ProXPN is one of the best VPN services than they can be in the market and one of the key points that we will analyze more ahead is than it counts on a gratuitous version and another one of payment, which causes that its popularity increases significantly.

From the Web we can inquire on the vulnerability and lack into freedom that we obtain in Internet due not only to that our data are stored and the censorships that appear day to day and prevent us to accede to certain sites. Of this form, to unload VPN is one of the most effective solutions, being able to jump all the restrictions and to as well be able to sail and anonymously safe, using servants of the supplier and without showing our real information.


Pro XPN is made up as a virtual private network at world-wide level that is in charge to realise a tunnel combined with a coding of data to protect all the information interchanged in the network, but not only for the navigators of Internet, but also e-mail, mail in line, software, etc. All the information including direction IP is fictitious and your real location never is shown, which gives in addition access you to any site without mattering in which site you are.

ProXPN analysis: Characteristics of the Service


In this section we will analyze the main factors that return to ProXPN one of best VPN than they can be:


As far as the security standards, different characteristics are included:

  • The asymmetric key of coding is of 2048 bits.
  • The level of symmetrical coding of the connection is made up by 512 bists.
  • Two types of protocols, OpenVPN can be selected and PPTP.
  • You will be able to find servants lodged in New York, Dallas, London, etc.


As far as the speed of ProXPN VPN, for membrecías Premium they have a bandwidth without limits in anyone of the chosen servants. The basic accounts have a speed limit of up to 300 kbps.

World-wide connection

All the accounts of payment have access to a cluster of servants who have been mounted of strategic form anywhere in the world, which allows to obtain a faster and safe connection, without mattering in the place where you are. The servants are located in Amsterdam, the United States, London and Singapore.

Without Restrictions

If you need to realise a trip or you live in a country or city where certain sites are censured (for example social networks), or you want to accede to sites with geographic restriction; no longer there are limits and you can do connecting it you to the servants who are free of censorship and within the geographic admissions.

It closes Safe

The payment accounts count on a tool of extra security, with which they can form the automatic locking of the chosen programs in case the network VPN falls, of this form will not have leaked of data.

Connection PPTP

Only available for the accounts Premium, which allows to sail by Internet being used the network without unloading no type of software.


The service of is available to be used with Windows and MAC also incorporating the operating systems iOS and Android.


Movable devices

Not only you can be connected and to sail with computers, also you have the possibility of using movable devices as tablets and cell phones. From the own networks of the service of movable Internet or any WiFi public.

How do i know if my ip is protected

Once you connected to our VPN Backbone, you could check your ip by visiting or search "what is my ip" in google to check your ip status

Technical support

The equipment of attention to the client and technical support works the 24 hours of the day and it is as much available by telephone, e-mail, Twitter or form of contact of the Web.


Price of Pro XPN

ProXPN advantages

As we said in the principle of the analysis, in ProXPN are possible to be found two types of accounts, on the one hand membrecía Premium and on the other side the Basic one, this last one is the one that serves VPN free. Both use the same servants and levels of security, only that the one of payment involves additional characteristics and configurations.

CharacteristicsIt counts BasicIt counts Premium
Transferences LimitlessLimitless
Anonymous IPIfIf
Speed300 kbpsLimitless
Access to all the servantsNoIf
Unloading by TorrentNoIf
Movable devicesNoIf
PriceFree6.25 dollars monthly

It counts Basic

With membrecía of ProXPN free the same service is obtained that with the one of payment as far as security and anonymity. The differences are mainly in which kbps has a speed limit of 300, can only be acceded to servants located in the United States, it does not allow to use protocol PPTP and it does not count on access from movable devices. It does not have any type of cost

It counts Premium

It has a monthly cost of 6,25 dollars. The speed does not have limits and you can choose both between types of protocols available PPTP and OpenVPN, to use the navigator, e-mail or any type of software that uses Internet. It adheres the possibility of using movable devices to connect themselves to Internet, to connect themselves to all the servants available and counts on a guarantee of 30 days, with which if you are not in agreement with the offered service, you can ask for the reimbursement of your money.

How To contract

The form to contract and to use Pro XPN is very simple:

Step 1: To enter to and to choose the option to create account.

Step 2: You must choose, in this second step, the modality of the account, that is to say if we want membrecía free or the Premium one. In the case of asking for the payment account you must enter the means with which you will realise the purchase. In both modalities you must offer to an e-mail and password to enter to the network.

Step 3: Already concluded the registry, you must enter the client area and to realise to unload it of software VPN, being chosen the operating system in which you are going it to install. Finalized the unloading, one settles following the passages of the assistant.

Step 4: In the last step, you must open software, only be loguear with your user and password and you will connect yourself to the network. In the case of membrecía basic you will be connected of automatic form the servant. On the contrary if you have the Premium account you must choose the type of protocol and the servant to whom you are desired to connect.

ProXPN steps

Frequent questions

In this section you will see the main doubts that appear on ProXPN to finish evacuating your questions:

It is available Spanish ProXPN?

No, the Web only is in English; also the technical support lacks the Spanish.

There are servants in ProXPN Mexico?

No, it has neither in Mexico nor in ProXPN Spain. Their servants are lodged by means of a strategy for the operation, are servants in Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle and New York.

Why he serves to a ProXPN coupon?

The coupons are used to obtain a ProXPN discount in the payment of membrecías Premium, you must enter the code when paying and only will see the done reduction.

What protocols are used?

The account free uses the OpenVPN protocol and with the one of payment you can choose between OpenVPN and PPTP.

There is guarantee?

If, a guarantee of 30 is given days with which you can request a reimbursement if you are not satisfied with the service.

I can use movable devices?

If from the Premium account you can be connected with all the movable devices that have iOS or Android.

Do I need dedicated server hosting for this VPN?

You do not need to buy any dedicated server from us for VPN service, as we will provide all the hosting include the IP. You will be given a login to access the proxies to used.


Movable ProXPN

ProXPN Opinions: What Say their Clients?

If you want to know which is the level of excellence of a service, it is important that in addition to the analyses you verify the commentaries of the users. As far as our ProXPN opinion, we can say that being observed and proven the service, one is a great election and he is recommendable for the use as much by safe navigation as by the restrictions that we found on a daily basis in Internet.


The commentaries of some of the users of ProXPN are:

Use the account free and comes to me from wonders. Without paying nothing I can sail safe and to use exclusive services for the United States, I recommend it to the 100%.
Luba Coria
I do not have more to say than excellent. The price is very low and the support always available. Brilliant
Jonathan Planva
A VPN needed that stops to use Netflix of the United States, living in Uruguay. Use the gratuitous account because I do not need many tools and the servants free is of the USA reason why it comes to me perfect.
Cecil Stewart
I chose ProXPN more ago of a year and I return it to choose every month. He is simply excellent. No problem, Recomiendo.
Alberto Sanchez


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ProXPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

General opinion


Summary: ProXPN is a VPN supplier that offers gratuitous accounts and of payment, so that each user chooses that one that adapts to its needs. With lodged servants strategically, it is a VPN service recommended.


Excellent Purchase

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