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NordVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018

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New features of October of 2018: In order to accede to the promotion it enters to the official Web of NordVPN. Beam click and discovers the benefits of the month of May here.


Nordvpn is a supplier of virtual networkings of multiprotocol and cross-platform, which means that it is possible to be used with different devices and from any place. In addition to the main services, guides not only for the use appear, but also to unload VPN and to use software with the objective to connect themselves to one of the servants and to sail and safely anonymous by Internet.

Nord VPN is a company created in Panama and at present it has managed to position itself still more as one of best VPN containing one of the lowest prices in membrecías and doing it popular.


As far as the protocols, it is possible to be visualized that he works with PPTP, VPN Open, L2TP/IPSec. In spite of the variety of the three protocols, all we know that the OpenVPN is used when it is to look for the greater possibility. In the case of Windows, iOS and Android can be used anyone of the three protocols available, for the case of Linux they are available PPTP and OpenVPN.

With respect to the servants, Nordvpn VPN counts on more than 3000 in around 59 countries, being able finding NordVPN Spain, Russia, the United States, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, Brazil, Canada, England and many more.

One of the fundamental characteristics that many VPN services do not consider, but with this supplier is available, is the simultaneous connection, in the case of Nord is allowed to connect itself at the same time to the network with 6 devices.

Why to use NordVPN?

If you enter to the Web of Nord VPN you will be able to see that three common and fundamental uses appear:

Wi Fi surely

When we connected ourselves in a network public Wi-fi, we run the risk that any hacker or person that wants to rob our data can accede with a minimum knowledge to our information, navigation and others. But you use NordVPN to connect to you, all the information will be encriptada, will not be able to see no type de dato.

Navigation without Restrictions

You have knowledge of which there are blocked pages geographically or by censorship of the government? In order to leave it in clearly, for example if you are in Spain there are pages to which you cannot accede because you need to be in the United States, and in you cause some countries have censured for example the social networks. If you use the VPN service you can accede to any site without mattering if it owns geographic censorship or blockades, are social already networks, Netflix, ITV, Hulu, BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION, RaiTV, etc.

Anonymity and Privacy

With navigation all data will be encriptarán reason why no person nor no site can accede to your real information, including direction IP since will be the one of the servant that you choose for navigation.

NordVPN Analysis: Characteristics of the VPN Services

Next we will analyze the main characteristics that NordVPN in its services incorporates

Double encryption: In order to increase to the security of the information and the yield of the service, the technology of Double VPN is used twice, encriptando itself the information.

Speed: It is possible as much to be appreciated that the speed of navigation is excellent, for the unloading and load of archives, as to sail in Internet of traditional form or to see videos in streaming.

Simplicity in the use: You will not have to fight with configurations that require computer science knowledge, the software of Nord works by itself, you only need to choose with a click the servant to whom you are desired to connect and to begin to sail.

Without keeping data: The privacy policy that uses is to respect the privacy without keeping no type from information, already are directions IP, real files of navigation, data, etc. Reason why the anonymity is in its greater point.

Switch in emergency: In case the network VPN is interrupted for whatever reason, automatically all the sites and software that you are using will be closed with the aim of not harming the anonymity.

Security in the DNS: In many occasions we ran into with suppliers that allow the DNS to send consultations that are not encriptadas, is not the case of NordVPN, since it counts on an exclusive system to solve flights of DNS.

Extra security: In addition to the traditional anonymous note, security systems, extension of proxy, etc.

Compatibility: In the beginning of the analysis we commented that cross-platform is a service, which interferes with in which it is possible to be used with different devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets and routers. As far as the operating systems, it is possible to be used with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Adblocker: Account with the CyberSec service to block dangerous sites and the publicity that you do not wish to see.

Service of Attention to the Client and Technical Support: The 7 days of the week work during the 24 hours of the day. You can communicate with the equipment by means of telephone call, e-mail or using a chat in real time from the page of

Prices Nord VPN

Within the service VPN de Nord, you can find three modalities of membrecía, with anyone of the three you can use all the services, only that vary is the duration of the package, and the price. Whichever major is the duration, becomes a NordVPN discount.  The packages are:

  • Simple Membrecía: It lasts of a month and the cost is of 11.95 dollars monthly.
  • Annual Membrecía: The cost is of 5.75 dollars monthly, a total of 69 dollars by the complete year.
  • 2 years: The cost is of 3.29 dollars monthly.
  • 3 years: The cost is of only 2.75 dollars monthly.

The means of payment available are: Paypal, credit card or Bitcoin. In addition, you can find in the Web and select to a NordVPN coupon to be able to use the code and to obtain a reduction. The form to do it is when beginning the one contract membrecía, you will see that underneath payment means it asks if you have a coupon, of this form you enter the code and you will lower the price.

It remembers that there is a guarantee of 30 days, with which, if you are not in agreement with the obtained results you can ask for a total reimbursement of your money.

NordVPN Opinions: Advantages and Commentaries of Users

In this final section we will analyze two important aspects extremely so that you can make a decision, on the one hand we have the main advantages of NordVPN:

  • The access to the platform is available in different languages, or English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese NordVPN, etc.
  • Proxy includes the gratuitous tool of Web.
  • A special extension of proxy for Chrome and Firefox adheres.
  • It has proxy exclusive for YouTube.
  • He is compatible with movable devices.
  • It allows 6 simultaneous connections.
  • It incorporates a guarantee of satisfaction of 30 days.
  • It has compatibility with P2P (unloading and ascent of archives) without speed limits.
  • It includes more than 3000 servants in 59 countries including NordVPN Mexico, Spain, the USA, Great Britain and many more.
  • Etc.


Commentaries of its users:

Without a doubt, NordVPN is very reliable and safe. The speed is impressive like the support. The prices are very low. Congratulations.
I must be thankful to NordVPN because it allows me to connect me to any WiFi without fear to that they rob my data. Brilliant.
I am happy with the service of Nord VPN. He is fast and simple to use, surely and of confidence. I recommend the service.
The service is good, I only had some doubts when I unloaded software VPN and the support guided to me step by step. Recommended.  
I had a problem with my ex- bad pair and pass moments, investigated to me and it watched me at any moment. Thanks to NordVPN I could return life without he knows what I do. It is simple to use. Thanks, have saved my life.
Addie Roberts


After to have analyzed all the characteristics of the service and the commentaries of his clients, in my NordVPN opinion, I can conclude that one is a reliable and extremely recommendable supplier.


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NordVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: With NordVPN you will be able to sail surely and anywhere, without concerning the restrictions. There are 108 servants and they include P2P. Low prices and a VPN service Recommended.


Excellent Purchase

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