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Ghost Path – Opinions and Discount for the 2018

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Important: Update of the month of October of 2018: It enters to the official Web of GhostPath and finds the exclusive benefits of October. Beam click to accede here to the promotion.


GhostPath arrives as an alternative at the problem from the insecurity and the privacy in the Web. One is a company of VPN services that allows you to sail forms anonymous, to stop the delinquents in Internet and to hide all data. In addition it helps you to skip the geographic restrictions and to accede to the sites that you wish. It includes different protocols and servants so that you can sail of the form who you wish.


Ghost Path Analysis: What Can Be done With Ghost Path VPN?

There are three main uses that occur to this type of networks and that you can obtain contracting one membrecía of Ghost Path VPN:

Security in Internet

To use a virtual private network causes that the security increases significantly, using based of data so that delinquent cyber they cannot tobarlos. As he is to imagine, when you use a navigator, your data are sent from the ordenardor towards the websites, and the delinquents constantly look for forms to visualize this information, using special software to do it. To GhostPath this will not happen. The same type of coding is used that the Web of virtual banks, of this form you will be safe and your information is only decodable by the devices connected to your network VPN.


To jump Geographic Restrictions

In case you want to accede to sites that are blocked geographically, as for example Netflix, social videos of YouTube, networks and others; with Ghost Path you can do it, sailing from the indicated servants, simulating that you are within that same geographic area.

To maintain the Anonymity

The coding level that maintains the service of Ghost allows you to sail anonymously in all the Web. As you accede through servants, the webpages visualize the IP of the servant, nevertheless cannot see direction IP from where you are.

Ghost Path Characteristic: Services of VPN

In this section we will mention the main characteristics of the services that offer in GhostPath:

Coding and Protocols

As we mentioned previously, GhostPath is in charge encriptar all the data of your computer and navigation, to maintain the privacy and the anonymity.

From this VPN you can use four types of protocols even to the encirptación:

VPN open

It is a developed software of code opened with licenci GNU. One is made up as an alternative option of protocol SSTP of Microsoft. We can say that one is of the most used and one of the main advantages is the compatibility with different operatipos systems as for example Windows, MAC, Linux, etc. In addition is possible to clarify that it is recommended by the security level that it includes.


The well-known protocol of tunes is considered one of most popular of the market, mainly because he is compatible with the majority of the devices. It uses encryption on the basis of 128 bits.


It is a creation of Microsoft and Cisco, when working altogether with IPSec considers a safe protocol, using a key that contains more security than protocol PPTP. It is on the basis of 168 bits, it uses two levels of authentication and 3 DES. He is compatible with several operating systems and movable devices.


The operation is through navigating Web. The main difference between this protocol and the previous ones is that you do not have to unload any software to use it.

ghost path servants

VPN servants

GhostPath has 144 servants, located in 47 countries and has around 225 anonymous directions of IP. Within the supply of countries they are possible to be found Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Canada, Germany, Portugal the Netherlands, the United States, Ghost Path Spain, Sweden and much more.

Limitless connections

There is no limit for the data transfer, reason why you can use the network VPN when you want, from any device.

Technical support

The support equipment works to help you to solve your doubts and disadvantages. You can communicate by mail or completing the form Web.

Prices Ghost

ghost path price

Within the supply of the service you can find three packages:

  • Weekly plan: 5$
  • Monthly plan: 10$
  • Annual plan: 75$

Gratuitous test and Guarantee

Ghost Path offers the possibility to you of testing of the service during 7 days. In case estes does not conform to the characteristics and yield you must ask for the reimbursement that for of immediate form.

Frequent questions

Here we will see the main doubts that arise at the time of using Ghost Path:

It is available Ghost Spanish Path?

No, the language mother of the service is English, nevertheless does not present no disadvantage since the use is very simple.

I can use movable devices?

Of course, you can use as much telephones as tablets, with the protocol that is compatible.

It is necessary to clarify that although Android does it, iOS does not support OpenVpn reason why you must use configuration PPTP and of that form you will be able to use the network VPN of optimal way.

There are servants of Ghost Path Mexico?

No, there are servants of no Mexico, nevertheless you can choose between 47 countries. Being able to accede from any part of the world. For example being of Mexico you can be connected to serving as the United States.

ghost path vpn

There is guarantee?

Yes, you are 7 to prove the service and to ask for a reimbursement.

How use the service?

You must enter to the Web, choose the package that you wish, to realise the payment and only unload VPN software. Soon already you can begin to sail choosing the servant that you wish.

What is a Ghost Path coupon?

It is the means to accede to a Ghost Path discount. You enter the code of the coupon and only obtain the reduction.

Average What of payment have?

You can pay your membrecía with Paypal, credit cards, Cash by mail or Bitcoin.


Ghost Path Opinions: What say the clients?

One of the forms to know if it is good a service is reading the commentaries of its clients, if we analyzed each Ghost Path opinion, we can say that very it is recommended and the main advantages are:

  • Compatible with Androir and iPhone.
  • More than 144 servants.
  • The activation is immediately.
  • The use is limitless.
  • Protocols OpenVPN, IPSec and PPTP.
  • Etc.

As far as the opinions of the users, some of them are:

The prices are very low and the technical support is always available. Use Ghost Path from my portable and my mobile phone. Thanks. Recommendable.
Antonia Solis
Wonderful service, I maintain anonymous my direction IP and no longer I have restrictions to accede to no website. I recommend it.
Estella Coria
He is brilliant, it was looking for a service to protect my navigation and with Ghost Path I did not have any problem, I will renew my membrecía.
Carlos Soria
All the service of wonders, I can see all the series that I want without restrictions.
Rodrigo Peña


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Ghost Path – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: Ghost Path is a company of VPN with an excellent service, you will have available different protocols and more than 144 servants to sail as and when you want. Recommended.


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