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Boleh VPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018


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Important: Update of the month of October of 2018: It enters to the official Web of Boleh VPN and finds the exclusive benefits of October. Beam click to accede here to the promotion.


As we know, the VPN services allow you not only to sail safely, but also to accede to your network of the labor home or from any part of the world and to skip all the restrictions to be able to accede to the Web sites that you wish.

In this analysis, we will see the characteristics and functions of Boleh VPN, are one of best the VPN and of the most used. One of the aspects that plus emphasize it is that it does not store any data on his clients, beginnings of session, traffic, etc. Nevertheless, from the Boleh company, assure that at the only moment that keeps the information is when the servants detect high activity, creating temporary registries with the aim of detecting any activity that is suspicious, DDoS attacks, shipment of Spam, etc. In any case, these registries are eliminated safely without no type of filtration.

This supplier of VPN has its main headquarters in Malaysia, thus do not work under the rules to store data, is for that reason that all the users sail completely of anonymous form.

The physical servants of are lodged in:

  • Malaysia.
  • France.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Switzerland.
  • Sweden.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Canada.
  • Germany.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Italy.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • The United States.


It is possible to clarify that in some of his servants, as for example the one that is in the USA, has deshabilitado traffic P2P with the aim of avoiding disadvantages with those companies that defend the author rights. Reason why if you want to accede to this type of functions, you only must be connected from the servants whom they have qualified the mentioned traffic.

On the other hand, we can recommend that to obtain major speed, it is acceded from the leases nearest your location. For example, we know that there is no a physical servant of Boleh Spain, therefore, he is recommendable to accede from the servant of France or England.

Boleh Basic characteristicses

Next we will mention the main uses and services that excel of the alternatives of Boleh

Restrictions and Censure: You will be able to have access to all the sites that as much have restrictions by geographic requirements as of people.

Security in Public Networks: There are certain points of public networks, as for example the points Wi Fi, that can return to you vulnerable as far as the data that interchange in the network. Nevertheless, with Boleh you could be safe and to protect your information by means of the encryption of the data.

Anonymous navigation: You will be able to hide your real direction IP, directions within the Marino Legal jurisdiction and accepted by DASH and BitCoin are used.

Security systems: The company will maintain to you surely at any moment, implementing:

  • OpenVPN and L2TP, the implementations that are considered safer.
  • Fast system AES for the encryption of the information.
  • xCloak as service to protect the packages of OpenVPN.
  • Technology Perfect Forward Secrecy with SSL and TLS.
  • All the private virtual networkings are independent and they do not maintain any type of communication.
  • Registries do not keep from the activity of the uuarios.

Technical support and Attention to the Client

Within BolehVPN you will be able to find an equipment of attention to the client highly enabled to solve all doubts and disadvantages. You can communicate with technical support through an e-mail or chat in real time, in addition you can accede to his profiles in the social networks Twitter and Facebook. Even, if you wish it you can participate in the forums where the main questions are responded and the users communicate with the company and to each other. Bond to remember that it is not available Spanish Boleh, having as main language the English.

Services of Boleh: Packages and Prices

According to your needs, you can choose between the different packages that to you this supplier of virtual private networks offers to be able to sail safely and anonymous, accede to your local network, jump censorships and restrictions of sites much more and.

7 Days3.70 dollars
30 Days 9.99 dollars
60 Days16.99 dollars
6 Months44.99 dollars
1 Year79.99 dollars

Boleh Analysis: Operation

So that you can understand how they work in Boleh, we will make a fast and simple explanation of the operation. Approximately all the complete system of servants works with OpenVPN, through an open code. By means of the configuration, all the information and connection between the computer and the servants remain encriptada at any moment.

As much in the Web, as your own supplier of Internet, they are incapable to rastrar your location, identity and even the traffic within the connection with VPN. This level of encryption makes a safe and anonymous navigation extremely.


Compatible devices

In order to unload VPN de Boleh, you have different compatible devices with the network. Among them they are possible to be distinguished:

  • Portable computers and: Compatible with the operating system Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Movable devices: By means of the operating systems Android or iOS.

Frequent questions

Often, usually they arise interrogative before or after to have contracted the service, by that reason, we will respond some of the most seen:

When I am wanted to connect a servant I must pay?

No, you only pay the monthly package that you have contracted. Once fact this, you can accede to the servant that you choose without having to pay extra costs.

I can accede from Boleh VPN Mexico?

You can contract and accede to Boleh from any part of the world. To the servants available and to sail through them. You have servants in 14 different countries.

I can have a Boleh VPN Discount?

Of course, you can use a Boleh VPN coupon that you obtain it through the Web, and with that you only must indicate the code at the time of contracting the service. Of this form you will see as the discount cash becomes.

Keep my do data in the servant?

In fact, they do not keep. Navigation is completely anonymous and no information will be lodged in the servants.

With average what I can pay my package?

You have different options to realise the payments of the services:

Paypal, Credit cards and Debit, Liberty Reserve and BitCoin.


Boleh VPN Opinions: Commentaries of Clients

Bond to say, that the Boleh opinions are the best ones than they can be. It has thousands of clients and all are satisfied with the service and the paid attention. Within the main advantages that can be mentioned, they are:

  • You can protect your privacy using a fictitious direction IP.
  • OpenVPN is the frame certainly can more be in the market.
  • One is an optimized virtual private network for P2P.
  • There are limits of no transferences per month.
  • You have more than 14 physical servants in different countries.
  • The attention to the client and the technical support is completely customized.
  • Compatible with DD-WRT and ASUSWRT routers.
  • For those devices that they do not support OpenVPN is the alternative to use L2TP.
  • The access to anyone of the servants does not have extra cost.
  • The encryption is Blowfish and sends the traffic by means of SSL to avoid your ISP.
  • Etc.

As you can see, the benefits are many that Boleh at the time of using its services offers you. We see then some of the commentaries of its clients and their Boleh VPN opinion:

Incredible. My family and I used BolehVPN to sail without disadvantage, to connect myself from public networks safely and to accede to our personal archives when we are of vacation. Simply Thanks.
Carloto Pain
I contracted Boleh because they recommended it to me and am fascinated. I use it more than nothing to accede work network when I go on a trip and not to lose of view no of my businesses.
Martha Sirio
Use Boleh all along to make my investigations and power to accede to any page without concerning the restrictions. It was a great solution to my impediments. I recommend it to the 100%.
Esteban Cruz
Simply perfect. Use VPN for years, and as he were not completely satisfactory with the services I was proving different suppliers. I contracted Boleh and now it could say that I will not change it more. They provide all the solutions to me and the price is really low.
Pedro Pilo


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Boleh VPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: Boleh VPN is one of the best suppliers of virtual private networks, and it offers all the alternatives to you to sail, safely anonymous and without restrictions. Good about they are offering multiple C CLASS IP Hosting for those who need access to sneaker or ticketmaster sites to avoid detection from using continous ip


Excellent Purchase

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