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VyprVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018


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New features of October of 2018:


VyprVPN was created in 2009 and belongs to the Golden Frog company founded with the aim of perfecting the room 641of a San Francisco, place where the NSA watched the AT&T networks. Due to this infraction to the security, it was when it was decided to create the company and to propose tools that can protect the security of the users in the open Internet. It was then that in 1994 is born Golden Frog, and soon in 2009 Vypr VPN mounts that conforms group to tens of businesses within the same company.

From the policies of the company in pos to the triumph and the guarantees of the client, we can determine his main lines of thought:

  • Constant support: In this battle by a free and opened Internet, the company participates in the laws and policies that support the mission of the same.
  • The innovation is imminent: the innovation process, does it of constant form, to give to answer to the restrictions and obstacles that appear day to day in Internet.
  • Simplicity: The main objective of the company is that all the people can accede to a private and safe navigation, is for that reason that all the services are of easy use, so that any person can use them without experience.
  • Quality: Different parameters are integrated to maintain the quality of Vypr VPN to the maximum, including support 24/7, applications for all the devices and different options from services.

Vypr VPN Characteristic of the Service

Next we will analyze the main aspects of this service that is positioned as one of best VPN:

Compatibility: You can accede to all the services VPN de Vypr from different devices through applications flexible, stable and easy to use. Each of them counts on connections of a click, tests of ping and others. Having compatibility with the devices: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, televisions and routers.

Without kept from data: It is part of the policy of the company, not to de dato keep no type of the client, as much personal as of navigation.

Own servants: Unlike other services of the market, has its own servants without including in the hiring of extra companies, which improves the security.

Account with than 700 servants distributed more in around 50 locations anywhere in the world, putting at the disposal of the client more than 200,000 directions IP to sail. The places that are included are VyprVPN Spain, the United States, Italy, France, Australia, the Netherlands, VyprVPN Mexico, Norway, Turkey, Japan, India and many more.

Velocidad major: All the built-in components of high tech translate one better speed, turning to the company in one of which they own major speed of the world, in addition are no broadband limits reason why you will not have problems at any moment.

Security: In the security aspect, we can name different components that complement the package precise to maintain the tranquillity of the clients of Vyprvpn VPN:


The used protocols are those that give to major security, coding and speed him to the service, here you will be able to find 4 alternatives:

  • PPTP: He is one of the quickest protocols with a fast, recommendable configuration for the devices that do not support the option of OpenVPN.
  • L2TP/IPsec: It is a compatible protocol with the great majority of the devices, recommendable when equipment do not maintain compatibility with OpenVPN and the priority of the user is the security.
  • OpenVPN: Within the traditional protocols most popular and it is recommended to obtain a better yield as far as security, reliability and rapidity.
  • Chameleon: It is the last alternative and one is based on the innovation on the part of VyprVPN. It can surpass any blockade at world-wide level, has a encryption of 256 bit and one is a protocol nonmodified OpenVPN that is in charge to review the metadata with the aim of avoiding the detection through the DPI. Without a doubt it gives to the guarantees of a connection and safe navigation and inviolable; giving access him to the clients to any site and software that Internet uses.

DNS without Registries

Account with the DNS of entrance zero that belongs to the Golden Frog company, reason why is exclusive and he is only available for the clients of VyprVPN. It improves the security and the elimination of the censorship at world-wide level.

Firewall NAT

This type of firewall, is in charge to settle down an extra safety measure, as much in computers as in routers and movable devices.

Technical support

If you want to connect itself with the service of support, you can at any time do it of the day since the 24 hours work during the 7 days of the week. You can contact by means of e-mail or chat in real time. analysis: Types of Membrecías

Here we will conclude with the types of accesses that can be contracted to obtain security in navigation and to jump geographic restrictions or of censorship. There are two divided categories:


On the one hand we have the option of individuals that is used for particular clients who want to contract the service. Within this option there are 4 alternatives, all of them include applications for all the devices, the DNS Vypr, the VPN unloading of the application, technical support 24×7 and changes of limitless servants.

First the alternatives that we will analyze are the one of VPN free, as good option for which they need a limited use, includes the possibility free of creating an account of VyprVPN that does not have cost and whose services are:

  • 500 Megabyte of monthly data.
  • Two simultaneous connections.
  • Firewall NAT.
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and Chameleon.

Now we will analyze the three remaining packages that are of payment and all have a gratuitous test by three days so that you can decide if it is the service adapted for you:

CharacteristicsIt counts BasicIt counts ProIt counts Premium
Use of DataLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Simultaneous connections 123
Firewall NAT-IfIf
Gratuitous testIfIfIf
Price from4,67 monthly Euros6,67 monthly Euros8 Euros monthly dollars


Another one of the alternatives on which VyprnVPN counts is to accede to a package for companies. In this term it counts on security plans, anonymity and freedom in Internet for any company. It proposes applications for all the devices and a team of administrators of accounts at the disposal of the client to solve any disadvantage.

It has different characteristics as for example:

  • Security for traveling employees: Protection to the security from any public radio network or WiFi in any place of the world.
  • Works of remote form: All the employees who are developed of remote form, will have access to all the resources in spite of the geographic blockades.
  • Tests of quality: Used generally by companies of video-games, global applications or services, that use the network VyprVPN to test in all the countries of the world.
  • Tools of business: There are certain countries as China that have restrictions to accede to different tools that with the network VPN will be available as for example Voip, applications of Google, etc.
  • Enterprise investigation: Used generally by companies investors and journalists to be able to realise its investigations without being detected nor being blocked.
  • Anonymous IP: They are used the IP offered by the servants, reason why real direction IP is not accessible at any moment.

Value monetary of this service for companies is of 239,99 Euros annual for 3 users (minimum amount that can be contracted), soon increases 79,99 annual Euros by each extra user that wants to contract itself.

VyprVPN coupon of discount

If you want to reduce the value of the service to contract, you can use one of the coupons to accede to a VyprVPN discount. You enter the code of the coupon at the time of making the payment and only have made the reduction.

VyprVPN Opinions: The Clients Recomiendan

Important part of the analysis of a service, is to know the commentaries the clients who use it or they have used it. Of this form, the suitable decision can be established an own VyprVPN opinion and be taken.

Some of the commentaries of the clients are:

He is brilliant, I proved the service free, was fantastic and soon me pass to one of payment to be able to use other alternatives, I am enchanted yet. I recommend to the 100%.
Carolina L.
It is good for finding a company that values the privacy and freedom of the client. Proud of to have contracted Vyprvpn.
Andrew M.
The service is fantastic and I can use it in all devices. Until the moment it is VPN simplest and stable than I have tried. Excellent, I recommend it.
Gaute S.
It is the best service of VPN than I have tried. The price is fantastic, the connection is fast and the best thing is than it is possible to be acceded to Spanish VyprVPN. I am protected at any moment. Thanks.
Brandon C.


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VyprVPN – Opinions and Discount for the 2018 CodePromo

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Summary: VyprVPN is one of the best services of VPN, with great speed and excellent security; it offers a gratuitous account and alternative of payment. VPN Recommended.


Excellent Purchase

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