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Boxpn – Opinions and Discount for the 2018


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New features of May of 2018:

What is Boxpn?

If not yet you know it, one is one of the best suppliers of VPN services of the market. One is made up with main headquarters in Turkey, and offers virtual private networks so that you can sail protégé, and safely anonymous, in addition to jumping the geographic barriers that have some sites. One of its basic characteristicses is that the servants of Boxpn vpn do not keep any type from information on the activities of the users, which generates major confidence and security in the clients at the time of using the networks.


visit-site-official Analysis of the Service

As we mentioned in the previous section, Boxpn.comtiene its main headquarters in Turkey, reason why its operation is in force under the rules of certain country. But it is not only where it owns servants, has here 200 dedicated that they are located in different parts from the world, like their physical servants, are 80 located in diverse localities as for example: Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Boxpn Spain, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, Argentina, Panama, Singapore; and they make available more than 57.000 virtual directions IP.

It is possible to clarify that Boxpn does not have contract with any corporation reason why they do not have any type of obligation nor to have to present the data of any of its users, is the reason by which no of them is stored.

Infrastructure and Servants

The datacenters of the headquarters of Boxpn are compound with servants of last technology, preparations to offer guarantee of the excellence of the services being able to position them as one of best the VPN of the present market.

Any type of censorship does not exist that the servants cannot skip, does not exist limit of data for navigation on the part of the users. In addition to using the interchange of data, by means of the compatibility with P2P, you can use the restricted video-games and use platforms as for example Hulu, Netflix, BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION and much more. In addition they are possible to be acceded to the profiles of social networks as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, from the countries in which they are censured.

In addition you will be able to find that there are approximately 70 dedicated servants, exclusive to work under the tools of unloading of torrents, reason why the users will be able to realise the unloadings wished without concerning the geographic place where they are.

The protocol that uses Boxpn network to realise the encryption is PPTP/L2TP, in addition an extra protection can be included that uses SSTP.

One of the basic characteristicses that can be obtained from the private virtual networkings, is its great quality to make a use of protected Internet. You will be able to sail of completely anonymous form, using fictitious directions of IP

Characteristics, Paquetes and Boxpn price

Before beginning with the characteristics, we can say that when analyzing the Boxpn price of each one of the packages, is a great balance between the cost and the quality of the service, locating his prices within lowest of the market of VPN. You can contract different stands for casks that include different periods of time, so that you contract that one that adapts more to your needs:

  •  1 Month: 9.99 monthly Euros.
  • 3 Months: 6.99 monthly Euros.
  • 12 Months: 2.99 monthly Euros.

The means of payment available to realise the payments of Boxpn VPN are Paypal and Tarjetas of credit (Amex, Mastercard and Visa), PaySafeCard, Ukash, DirectPay, SafetyPay, Sofortuberweisung, Giropay, ClickandBuy, SanalPara, MINT. It is possible to clarify that it free does not have to disposition a version of test of VPN, nevertheless presents a satisfaction guarantee reason why if it does not convince the service to you, you can ask for a complete reimbursement before the 7 days of to have made the hiring.


If you decide contract the services of Box pn, you must know that it is a compatible service with the majority of the devices, as much with the desktop computers de as with portable, mobile phones and Tablets. The operating systems from which it is possible to be used are:

  • Windows.
  • Linux.
  • Mac.
  • iOS.
  • Android.
  • Speed of the Service.

box pn

It is possible to clarify two aspects. On the one hand, as it is to be expected, the navigation of VPN has minor speed, considering that the data are sent first the servants and after the servants they are sent to the destiny device, reason why it hopes that the speed is fallen in a percentage. On the other side, we can say that in the case of Boxpn the speed does not undergo a great transformation, is only reduced from 10 to a 30% following the factors that we will analyze next:

  • The supplier of Internet and the contracted speed. The traditional connections of DSL are less affected, whereas the lifted speeds more are those than they lose greater rank.
  • The geographic site where you are and the location of the servant to who you connect yourself. This is due to the passage that must cross the information, for example if you are using Boxpn Mexico, you will have major speed if you connect a servant of the United States that if it beams to one in Spain, by the proximity of countries.
  • The type of protocol. Although the OpenVPN is the safest form and must be used when the protection is key. He is recommendable that if you prioritize the speed you use a encryption PPTP since the coding is less complex.

Frequent questions

In this section we will put the answers to the doubts more represented by the clients or by those who want to contract to VPN Box:

With what protocols story?

You can use OpenVPN, SSPT, L2TP or PPTP.

Keep my do data and/or registries?

Here there are two answers. On the one hand, the name of user and e-mail is stored to make agile the enter the servants, nevertheless to any data or personal information is not stored. On the other side, no registry of activity is kept in the systems. Navigation is completely anonymous.

I can use more than a connection?

In fact if, with the hiring of anyone of the packages you can use up to 3 simultaneous connections.

How contract a VPN?

The passages for the hiring are very simple, you must enter to the Web, choose the package that you wish, to complete the registry form and only realise the payment with chosen means.

I can obtain a Boxpn discount?

Yes, in the Web you will find codes of discount. You must choose the Boxpn coupon that adapts to which you need, to introduce the code and to validate it to obtain the reduction.

It is available Spanish Boxpn?

The equipment of Boxpn is taking the measures necessary to include more languages, but at the moment the platform is in English.

There is technical support?

By all means, you can communicate with the service of aid at the moment that you require it, sending an e-mail or completing the form of contact of the website.

Boxpn Opinions: What Say their Clients?

Giving the final verdict, I can say, according to my Boxpn opinion, that is one of the recommended suppliers of VPN, according to an exhaustive one of the same and of the opinions of the clients. The main benefits that we can mention are.

  • OpenVPN protocols, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP available.
  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • The coding is safe of 1048 bits.
  • It does not keep any type from activity registry.
  • He is compatible with movable operating systems as iOS and Android.
  • They are allowed up to three connections in simultaneous.
  • He is compatible with P2P and torrent.
  • It owns satisfaction guarantee.


Next you will be able to visualize some of the commentaries of his clients:

Super, the equipment of technical support is very amiable and they solve everything to you to the moment. Use Boxpn in all trips and from my house, never had felt that my data were so safe. Thanks.
I pound Pich
Use networks vpn, since I proved Boxpn, I have often not changed it, it gives everything me what I need and the prices are really low. In addition I can be connected simultaneously with 3 servants. Recommendable.
George Plan
I began to use Boxpn for some months, travel much by work and needed a VPN with me could connect network of the home safely. I found it and I will not change the service. I am very in agreement, I recommend it.
Karen Stuf
I have been Happy with the service, it use for two years and can use Netflix from any part, seeing the best series. Thanks.
Patricio Cruz


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